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In Boston? Let’s connect.

So by now I've been doing this for a long time - Ode, web design and development, … I'm beginning to put together a lot of pieces. If there's one missing piece it's not software or information, it's community. There's no substitute for connecting with others over shared interests.

The Ode Gitter community is a good way to say hello. Find me on Twitter. Send me an email. Whatever works for you.

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Because you'll get your questions answered

Why Ode?

I've written more than a few posts here trying to answer this fundamental question any would be user has for this (or any other) platform. I've said it will enrich your life. I've argued that it's a great platform to use to learn about the open web. I've compared using Ode to learning to fly a plane (rather than buying a ticket with commercial airline) or riding a bicycle. I've said a lot more than that. But maybe this is the single best answer…

Here you will get your questions answered.

Whether you're looking for a platform for your personal site or you want to learn about web technologies, that should be an appealing proposition.

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Ode is more than just another blogging platform.

Ode is a personal content management system, sure (and a pretty nice one at that). It's also a fantastic educational/learning tool, a playground for your web design and development ideas, and a supportive community.

It's a puppy that wants nothing more than for you to take it home with you so that it can enrich your life.

Puppy w nose through wooden fence
Maybe I should have chosen a puppy for a mascot instead of a fish. :wink:
There are all sorts of platforms and tools out there. (Ode is compatible with most of them.) What makes Ode different and special? You.

Say hello. Get involved. (Link to Gitter community requires Twitter or GitHub account. Feel free to email me instead. You'll find info in the sidebar.)

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Give Ode a try!

Simple means you know how it works

Note: Ode is a self-hosted project. To use it you need either a hosting provider or your own web server.

Don't let that scare you away. In fact, it's a great strength of the platform.

You can…

  • Choose a provider that works for you. (Remember choice?)
  • Keep your site for as long as you like
  • Live without fear of a change in terms, price increases, …

The simple fact is that not a single hosted service can make those claims.

Important: The Discourse community forum is intentionally down at least temporarily. You can connect to the Ode community on Gitter. (Gitter requires a Twitter or GitHub account.) You can also find me on Twitter (@robreed) or send me an email. (I have the same username on Gmail.)

And there is help available when you need it. :)

(There is help available just not at the Discourse forum. Try Gitter, Twitter, or email instead!)

OK, but what is it?

Glad you asked

Ode is a self-hosted, flat file based CMS ideal for creating any type of personal website. It's not a static site generator, but does provide many of the same benefits without the limitations.

What sets this platform apart is its emphasis on simplicity in design and usability. I wanted to create a lightweight "engine" that works like a dynamic extension to traditional static websites, with the benefits of a CMS and the ease of use, dependability, and workflow of a static site.

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