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  • Wed
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  • 17
  • Oct
  • 2018
  • 11:16am EDT

Every web design project needs

Every web design project needs one person completely dedicated to getting the fundamentals right. The role should be essentially that of an ombudsman (ombudsperson), i.e. a pubic advocate.

If there is only one person on the project, that's the job.

  • Fri
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  • 21
  • Sep
  • 2018
  • 12:08pm EDT

Ode.io is becoming Ebeling.io

As a few of you out there know, and many more would be surprised to learn, this project has been around for a long time. For much of that time it hasn’t been given the attention it deserves, the attention it’s users (and would be users) deserve. To those of you who have stuck in there for years, thanks!

I have a big problem with social media. I have a bigger problem with the direction of the internet, of which social media is not an insignificant part. At the very least we need alternatives that represent different visions of what the web and the internet might be. That’s what this project means to me.

We’re all responsible for the choices we make. We all vote with our time and attention, and we vote with our money. The things we support we will get more of, and we’ll get less of everything else. Those two things, the more and the less, are inseparable. They are two sides of the same coin. From the standpoint of an individual consumer of goods and services it really is as simple as that. Everything else is rationalization.

There has been somewhat of an rediscovery, temporary as it may be, of the idea that what we may accept as the status quo, what everyone else seems to be doing, is not always OK simply because everyone else seems to be OK with it. For example, it just might not be OK to harass or abuse women because that’s the way it’s always been; because the people doing it are pillars of a community, or an industry, or because they may be important to us personally or professionally in some way. It’s obvious in the way that all broken things we’ve come to accept are.

So what does this have to do with Ode, and why am I changing its name to Ebeling?

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  • Fri
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  • 15
  • Jun
  • 2018
  • 6:16pm EDT

Stop Buying Bottled Water for Convenience

While posting about social media's impact on the open web earlier I brought up the issue of bottled water.

Let me be clear, the vast majority of uses of bottled water are a horrible abuse of the natural world, water rights, infrastructure, and public money all over the world. There are of course legit reasons for putting water in a bottle, but the water should be paid for, the enterprise carefully regulated, and restricted to real needs.

We should not be packaging tap water to sell to people who already have access to clean water. As it is, that's exactly what most bottled water represents. Rather than filling up a glass of clean water from the tap (which is purified and monitored at great expense) people are going to the store to buy what might be the exact same water, and in the process introducing more plastic, burning fuel, and otherwise contributing to the destruction of environment.

In exchange customers are paying as much as a 2000x premium (that's 2000x – a multiple not a percentage).

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